How To Write A How-To Book (or eBook)

How To Write A How-To Book (or eBook) gives you much more than the "typical" talk and hype that many so-called "writing coaches" provide. This book gives you something concrete that you can work with, every step of the way.

That's right, this book actually gives you a detailed step-by-step method that you can follow, point-by-point, to create your own how-to book or ebook, no matter what the subject is.

The diagram below, which is taken from page 65 of the eBook, summarizes my proprietary 5 Step Book Writing Process™.

How-To Book Writing Process - Diagram

In the Writing Process chapter of the eBook, I virtually take you by the hand and walk you through the entire writing process -- from a blank page to a completed document.

Diagrams and screen shots are included with the text so you can clearly see and understand, exactly what you want to achieve, at each point, as you progress through the writing process.

It can't get much more "paint-by-number" than this!

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